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Who am I?

SportsPoet is a former high school coach, part-time writer, and full-time sports enthusiast. He hopes to bring you a unique perspective using insightful, entertaining, and often humorous columns concerning the world of sports.

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The SportsPoet- America's columnist with rhyme and meter

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All Sports-All the Time


Lack of insight and depth, Questions like -"How did it feel to win you broke your leg?", Statements like-"The team has no chance." -of course they do -THAT IS WHY THEY PLAY THE GAME!


Sports Bar owner



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I would like to ...

Be a columnist and appear on ESPN's 'Around the Horn', Be the General Manager of the Houston Astros

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Bachelors Degree

High School

Pecos High School-Salutatorian (1988)

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Angelo State University(1993)


B. A. Government with a Kineseology Minor

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Smart Aleck

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