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13 January 2009

Will NCAA D1 football get a playoff system?

For me, it's not about the money.

The money that schools and bowls make off of the games isn't relevant for me in any way. I make the journey to Auburn once a year (if I'm lucky), and I fork out the money for the overpriced nose-bleed seats. Sure, I'll buy a pricey hot-dog and soda, but that's about the extent of my monetary investment into the sport. The rest of the season I kick back on the couch and watch from the heated comfort of my home, and I doubt I will ever make that expensive post-season ticket purchase (unless my Tigers go to Nashville, or somewhere like that). 

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22 October 2008

Week 9 College Football Preview Picks: Ok State (+13), Kansas (-2), PSU(-2), Tenn (+7), Arizona (+15), Va Tech (+4 ½) Last week: 5-1 Season: 9-5 (64%) It feels like all I have been talki

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19 October 2008


25. MIN (6-1)
I can’t believe it’s come to this, but, hey, take it up with Cal, BYU, Vandy, Wake Forest, and Michigan State. Plus, the Gophers did beat the high-octane Illini, and I refuse to reward Ball State with a spot until they beat somebody half-decent.

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12 October 2008


25. GT (5-1)
This team is looking shaky. Relegated to their third-string quarterback on Saturday due to injuries, they barely escaped a 2-5 FCS school, Gardner-Webb, with a 10-7 win.  If they don’t get healthy soon, this will be last week in the top 25 for the Yellow Jackets.


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4 October 2008


25. GT (4-1)
    Considering the fact that a 3-point loss in Blacksburg is the only blemish on its record, Georgia Tech deserves to be ranked in the top 25. In his first year in Atlanta, Paul Johnson is definitely exceeding expectations.

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3 October 2008

“This must be Thursday. I never could get the hang of Thursdays.”

    Through this quotation, Douglas Adams—the British satirist—has unwittingly offered college football fans a simple slogan for their beloved behemoths: stick to Saturdays. Seriously, Thursday nights have become regular, gridiron guillotines for the would-be kings of college football. It seems like every week, with Saturday always just a couple of days away, we hear that familiar whoosh of the blade and there’s a new, freshly anointed helmet in the basket. This week it was the University of South Florida in its dramatic 26-21 loss to unranked Pittsburgh. USF, at the time, had risen to the #10 spot in the polls and appeared to be the Big East’s savior. Not anymore, chop! This is the second consecutive year that the Bulls have had their hopes (and heads?) slashed on a Thursday. In the tumultuous anarchy that was last year’s polls, USF had reached the #2 spot in the country before losing on a Thursday to an unranked Rutgers team 30-27. I’m not making this stuff up, I promise. In the five games that have featured ranked teams on a Thursday this year, the aforementioned schools are a combined 1-4. #24 South Carolina? Chop, courtesy of Vanderbilt. #21 West Virginia? Chop, courtesy of Colorado. #1 Southern Cal? Chop, courtesy of Oregon State. In fact, before Utah's win last night, one had to go all the way back to November 15 of 2007 to find a higher-ranked school that survived the dreaded Thursday night game (#7 WVU beating Louisville 38-31). In last year’s football season, a higher ranked team lost 6 times on Thursdays. In 2006, 7 were upset.  What are we to make of this scary trend? Does the shorter week and, thus, less prep time really play that large of a part in these matches? Do the underdogs play their hearts out because many of them know this will be the only time they’ll be on ESPN? Or, in the spirit of October, is Thursday night just cursed? Whatever the case, this is a trend that has reached a point where it can no longer be ignored. Want a BCS sleeper? Look for a team that sticks to Saturdays.

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29 September 2008

I have a good feeling about week 2.  I think we learnt some stuff in week 1 and will apply that knowledge to the upcoming week.First bet of the week will be a two team parlay CWS +1 ½ and

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26 September 2008

So far in this experiment we have one bet open pending tonight outcome of UCONN vs Louv.  We used 10 units on that bet so we are down to 90.

This weekend I would like to see if teasers are really a suckers bet or not.  I feel bookies are really good at what they do.  They usually know exactly where the line should be, thus by getting 6 or 7 points more you are using the handy cappers knowledge against him by giving youself a buffer. I have 3 4 team teasers for Saturday games. Lets see how they do.

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Wow what a game put together by the Oregon State Beaver on national television.  Here I the LA area the media would have liked us to believe that the only question about last nights game was if P

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24 September 2008

Recently all I been hearing about is how bad the PAC 10 is this year and how they are not even one of the top two conferences on the West Coast.  This might be a true statement since the Pac 10 has 1 team in the Polls and Wac and Mountain West have five.  That is a scary thought for a fan of the PAC 10.  But it is not all bad and the conference will rebound . 

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