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My name is Amari Harris, and I am a footballholic. I am also a graduate of the Univeristy of Virginia (c/o 2008) and a former Cavaliers football player. I don't like to brag, but UVa hasn't won a bowl game since I retired back in 2007. Granted I was watching that game from the sideline, but facts are facts. Since graduating I have worked at a Boys & Girls Club in Dallas, TX as an athletic director, the Virginia Department of Health, and am currently a Criminal Defense/Sports and Entertainment Lawyer in the making. My future plans include starting a sports and entertainment enterprise and becoming V.P. of football operations for a National Football League team. But for right now I am satisfied with blogging my opinions to a small audience and hopefully sparking sports debates. Please be my friend...

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The Fix 10-12: QB Overdose posted on 10/12/2013

The turning point.

Tough loss for the Dallas Cowboys last week.  And it wasn’t one of those 24 hour losses either.  It was one of those that you think about for the next few days, and depending on how things go as you get into the middle part of the schedule, one of those games you think about all year.  A “What if?”  game, if you will.  I predicted that the Cowboys would beat the Broncos because I knew they could match up and I knew they could step their game up to stiff competition.  Did I expect a 48-51 shootout?  Hecks naw, but in hindsight it should have been obvious.  I bet that the defense would step up rather than Tony Romo actually playing at a Peyton Manning-like level.   Instead Tony Romo played perfect for exactly 58 minutes of the football game.  Peyton Manning did the same, except his mistake came earlier in the game rather than in crunch time. 

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The Fix- 10/4 posted on 10/04/2013

Friday Football Fix: A Rare Guarantee!

I apologize for not posting before the games this weekend.  I visited my mom’s house for the weekend which meant no computer and no internet and I forgot to post before leaving for the weekend.  I’ll post what I had written to prove to you all that I knew that Antonio Gates and Danny Woodhead would destroy the Dallas Cowboys, as I knew they, along with Eddie Royal, were the only real offensive threats they may not be able to handle.

Despite the sheer inability to cover those two individuals the Cowboys looked like they were well on their way to victory, after a Sean Lee interception return for a touchdown toward the end of the first half that put them up 21-10.  I think every Cowboys fan let out a collective sigh of relief, and felt that we pretty much had this one in the bag (I’ll include myself, as I ominously used the words “Victory Cigar” after that play *slap*).  They proceeded to allow 20 unanswered points, 400+ yards and 3 touchdowns from Phillip Rivers, and breakout performances by Woodhead and Gates.  Yes, it was a disappointing day.  Even with the Giants and Eagles losing once again, and the Cowboys remaining as the sole leader of the NFC division, they really could have gotten off to an encouraging start. 

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The Fix- 9/21 posted on 09/22/2013

My name is Amari.  And I’m a football addict.

Cowboys vs. Rams

Let’s be Frank (yes, I capitalized), last week the Cowboys let down in a major way.  They had a chance to go 2-0 and be discussed as one of the best teams in the league, but instead they flubbed against a good, but not great Kansas City Chiefs team and they left waaaaaaaaaayyyyyyy too many plays on the field.  Why not challenge the Dunbar fumble?  Why didn’t Dez make that easy catch despite all the amazing ones he did make? Why did Tony Romo revert back to Tony O’No in a critical moment in the game?  Despite all of this, the Cowboys still had a chance to stop the Chiefs on 3rd down and get the ball back for what was sure to be another one of Romo’s patented 4th quarter comebacks.  Then Morris Claiborne made a rookie mistake, despite the fact that it’s his second year.  He committed pass interference on a completion that would have been at least 2 yards shy of a first down.  Sigh.  That’s all I could do, as I have to come to expect, and sadly accept this from this Cowboys team on a regular basis.  If the game is tight, the Cowboys find a way to make it tighter, and often find a way to flub.  There would be no Miles Austin Kansas City magic on this day [sn: Did Austin even play in the game?].  So all I could do was hope that every other team in the NFC East would lose, so that the Cowboys wouldn’t lose ground in the division.  And by my luck, that was my only NFL wish of the day that was granted (see, both of my fantasy teams lost). 

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First Down Friday: Week Two posted on 09/14/2012

First Down Friday

Evening football fans,

Week one of the NFL season is in the books and week two is on deck.  We’ve already seen the Packers vindicate themselves on Thursday night football after their week one loss, but this definitely doesn’t look like the 15-1 team from 2011 or the Super Bowl team from 2010.  Everyone had high expectations for the Bears after some offseason upgrades (Brandon Marshall & Michael Bush), and they seemed to justify those expectation with a week one drubbing of the Colts 41-21.  But last night’s game seemed to foreshadow the unpredictability of the 2012 NFL season and it feels as though we may know less after week two than we did after week one (if that’s possible).  Here are my thoughts about this upcoming weekend’s games:

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Next Year's Champs posted on 05/08/2012

 Does anybody remember when the Cowboys were labeled “Next Year’s Champions” in the ‘70s before they finally broke through and won a couple of Super Bowls?  Yeah, me neither.  I wasn’t born until 1986.  But I watch quite a bit of NFL Network and I vaguely remember that being a thing.  And all of us Cowboys fans love to live in the past and not in the present sorrow of one playoff victory in the last decade and a half.  We like to think that history will repeat itself at some point in order to give us any semblance of hope for the upcoming season.  So I shall indulge you once more with this idea of “Next Year’s Champs” but in a much more literal sense.  While I am not predicting that the Cowboys will be Super Bowl Champions in 2013, I am tempering my expectations for 2012 and saving my hopes for a deep playoff run until 2013.  Why, you ask?  Because I’m tired of getting my feelings hurt, for one, but mainly because this team is in partial rebuilding mode and has chosen to rebuild one side of the ball at a time.

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